Race For a Better Planet

At Honey Cake Tiger, we strive for sustainable and fair business practices throughout our brand. We believe together we’ve the power to make a difference to leave a rad planet for our future generations!

With Respect to the People & Planet

Having a connection to the source of the elements we use in our clothing is fundamental to us. As a small brand, we’re committed to ethical sourcing and production. We aim to source the most sustainable options available to us. That’s why our garments are crafted from 100% organic cotton or GOTS Certified fabric, ensuring quality and sustainability. We love organic cotton because its clean fibers are better for people and the planet. And guess what? Some of our accessories are made from our very own fabric waste. How cool is that?

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We strive to keep our production as local as possible, gaining a threefold benefit: reducing our carbon footprint by minimizing product travel, supporting local businesses, and building personal connections with the people involved in creating our clothing. All our collections are designed, cut and sewn on a small scale in San Diego, California. Most of our fabric is knitted and printed in Los Angeles, California from organic yarn imported from India. Our GOTS Certified Jersey fabric was knitted in India. We hope in the near future to find organic yarn spun closer to us in order to reach better transparency in our supply chain.


Giving Back

For every item we sell, we plant a tree with One Tree Planted an organization that is committed to safeguarding the “lungs” of the earth. Trees are not only critical for the health of our natural world, they are essential for all life on this planet. The fact is simple: we can’t live without trees, so their protection and maintenance must be a priority. Want to know more? Check out One Tree Planted and see the amazing work they’re doing!

Honey Cake Tiger

Fabric Waste

Every step counts, and we’re making a difference by transforming leftover fabric from our cutting process into adorable scrunchies, reusable garlands, and strings for our hangtags. We’re constantly exploring new and creative ways to make use of our fabric byproducts. Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and pave the way for a more sustainable future!


Sustainable Hang Tags

Trim, Packaging, Hangtags and More…

We’re all about keeping it better for the people & planet! Not only do we use eco-friendly materials for our clothing, but we also hunt for sustainable alternatives for our trims, packaging, and more. Most of our garments are stitched with 100% organic cotton or Tencel™ Lyocell thread—both sustainable and biodegradable. Our shipping gear? Recyclable tissue paper and mailers made from 97% post-consumer waste. Plus, our hangtags are crafted from 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

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We will continue to evolve.…

We are forever students on the sustainable journey! Always in the search of the best option possible. Honey Cake Tiger loves to partner with like-minded crafters – share inspirations and good vibes!

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